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Refineries & Petrochemical Industries

Refineries and Petro-chemical plants process large quantity of fluids with low flash points. Although best operating practices can ensure plant safety; excess pressure/vacuum build up and vapour loss can lead to a potential hazard. Over the past one decade Kingsley’s products have played a major role in ensuring safety of pipelines, storage system safety of various Refineries and Petro-chemical plants worldwide.

Refineries & Petro-chemical Plants

Chemical Pharmaceutical Industries

Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Industries process variety of fluids at different operating parameters. Maintaining required operating pressure and temperature inside a storage system is very crucial to produce high quality products. Over the past one decade Kingsley products have played a major role in protecting pipelines, ducts and storage tanks of major chemical and pharmaceutical industries from accidental vapor ignition, explosion and rupture.

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Distillery Solvent Recovery Plants

Distilleries and Solvent Recovery plants make use of volatile chemicals with low flash points for separating liquid mixtures. Kingsley’s tank protection devices help in maintaining required operating parameters for efficient separation and recovery process. Over the past one decade Kingsley’s products have played a major role in ensuring safety of storage systems of major Distillery and Solvent Recovery Plants.

Distillery & Solvent Recovery Plants

Landfill Biogas Plant

Breaking up of an organic matter in a biogas/landfill facility produce GHG gases. Kingsley products have helped provide low pressure venting and explosion protection of biogas and landfill systems.

Landfill & Biogas Plant

Flammable Liquid Transportation System

Transferring fluids via pipeline from one system to another is an integral part of any chemical operation. A safe transportation system is crucial to the safety plant and employees. Kingsley Inline flame arresters have played a significant role in preventing accidental vapour ignition of flammable liquid being transported through pipelines of various processing units worldwide.

Flammable Liquid & Transportation Systems

Applicable Products

Gas Analyzing Equipment

Gas Analyzing Equipment are used for analysis and detection of flammable gases. A flame arrester act as an integral part of the gas analyzers by preventing flame propagation into the inlet and outlet lines.

Gas Analyzing Equipment

Applicable Products

Combustion Systems

Combustion systems are used to burn hazardous fluids in the presence of an oxidizing agent. Kingsley Inline flame arresters are commonly used in flare pipes and our combo-unit Breather Valve with Flame Arrester provides complete protection to emergency pressure relief stack.

Combustion Systems

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